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MUNICIPALITIES- Public Education & Outreach
To inform Municipal residents of the NPS pollution problem, the daily activities of residents which contribute to NPS pollution, and ways their activities can have a positive impact on NPS pollution. 

  Source: Center for Watershed Protection: 2002

Municipal governments have a responsibility to the community to inform them of the Stormwater Management Program, the courses of action being taken, and the potential impacts, problems and solutions to non-point source pollution. All permitted Municipalities have to develop an education program to inform their residents of these issues. By distributing education materials and conducting outreach efforts at municipally sponsored events local governments create understanding of the issues facing them among residents. Informed and aware residents are the best asset that local government will have to develop a successful Local Stormwater Management Program.

The above list of suggestions to residents is one small sample of the type of information and advice available to municipalities for use in their Education & Outreach efforts. Below municipal Employees, Board members and Executives can find more information on how to deliver an effective Local Education Program.

EPA MS4 Compliance Guide (pdf)
NPS Top Ten Presentation (pdf)
NEMO 'Why Water Quality' Fact Sheet (pdf)
NEMO 'Household Chemicals' Fact Sheet (pdf)
NEMO 'Septic Systems' Fact Sheet (pdf)
NEMO 'Pest Management' Fact Sheet (pdf)
NEMO 'Landscaping & Water Quality' Fact Sheet (pdf)
NEMO 'Pet Waste' Fact Sheet (pdf)
NEMO 'Native Plants' Fact Sheet (pdf)
NEMO 'Green Lawncare' Fact Sheet (pdf)
NEMO 'Protecting Water, 4 Seasons' Fact Sheet (pdf)
NEMO 'Water Conservation' Fact Sheet (pdf)
NEMO 'Green Boating' Fact Sheet (pdf)
Contact the CCE Saratoga County Stormwater Management Coordinator for more information & how you can make an impact with your Education Program and help protect our water.
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